by Bergen

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released January 2, 2012

Bergen are Nicola Galati and
Alberto Bagarello. Recorded in
Andalo (TN) by Guido Baldovino.
Produced by Bergen and Stefano
Galante. Mixed by Guido
Baldovino and Francesco Bruni at
Studio 2 (VE). Self-produced 2012.
Thanks to Studio 2 and
Enrico Lenarduzzi



all rights reserved


Bergen London, UK

Two friends separated by the sea.

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Track Name: Mirrors
mirrors /ˈmɪrəz/

In my life I've always lost the way / my time is like
a broken chain / this pulls me down again / than wakes
me up again / that's why I burned / the mirrors of my room
you know why / I'm hiding in the skies
let me find / many golden ways
in search of anything / looking for best things
I'll stay with my music / many golden ways
Track Name: Wake Up
wakeup /'weɪkʌp/

I'm leaving my mind / before being paralyzed
I'm gone away / a far away bay
when I wake up / when I find you
I can't breath / I'm dreaming of a better crown
where people say / what they really want
everything I know / anyone I know
all gone / everything you know
where we used to go / all gone
Track Name: Dancing in the garden
dancing in the garden/ˈdænsɪŋ ɪn ðə ˈgɑːdn/

when the summer ends we feel dazed / nature laws
should be erased / every part of ourselves tells a story
I was far from my rays with only a backpack / It was just
my dream life / but today there's life, the everyday life
so we decided to go out together / talking about weather
it's coming September / everybody in the garden
dancing in the garden / dancing in the garden
looking at you / it's coming September here right now
and so I asked myself / forget me till the end of time
unless time slows / future makes me scared
I'm not ready to deal... / unless I take my way
everything is unreal / I'm not ready to deal with my ideas
Track Name: Veniceland
veniceland /venˈaɪslənd/

I feel the island mine / in the coldest season
the ice / the lagoon is dead / I'll not forget
your eyes / I'd rather be more fair than you
I'd rather feel every single fault
venice tonight / reflected on ice
beneath this mirror / there's a wreck of desires
venice tonight / reflected on ice
the greatest mirror / ever used by the moon